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Ulana Suprun: Ukraine above all (12.05.2015)
Soldiers of goodness. Ulana and Marko Suprun (24.04.2015)
Combat Life Saver Courses at the Zhytomyr military institute of National university of telecommunications
Combat Life Saver Courses at the National Guard of Ukraine
Combat Life Saver Courses at the National Aviation University

Combat Life Saver Courses under the UWC Humanitarian initiatives project
Teaching Ukraine's soldiers how to save themselves, and each other, in the war (11.02.2015)
The UWC Humanitarian Initiatives Project Patriot Defence, video
Nationwide Combat Life Saver Courses under the UWC Humanitarian initiatives project (22.01.2015)
Conference The development, standardization and implementation of tactical medicine in Ukraine, video (21.01.2015)
Conference The development, standardization and implementation of tactical medicine in Ukraine (19.01.2015)
P. Klimkin addressed Ulana Suprun, the Director of Humanitarian Initiatives of the UWC (19.01.2015)
Security factor, issue 197: save life. The Ukrainian World Congress helps (17.11.2014)
Plea to Diaspora for Medical Help (29.08.2014)
Dr. Ulana Suprun interviewed on Hromadske TV (video) (14.08.2014)
Comprehensive practical medical training of military in Dnipropetrovsk (11.08.2014)
Meet the international training specialists helping Patriot Defence support Ukrainian soldiers (30.07.2014)
UNIAN: Import to Ukraine remedies and medicines for military freed from tax (1.07.2014)
Customs didn't allow humanitarian kits from Canada (24.06.2014)
Customs blocked rescue kits from Canada to the wounded (24.06.2014)
UWC Director of Humanitarian Initiatives' meeting at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine (24.06.2014)
Because of bureaucracy Ukrainian soldiers cannot receive humanitarian aid (23.06.2014)
American psychologists in Lviv will tell how to help Maidan victims (26.05.2014)
Americans will tell how to fight Maidan stress disorder (21.05.2014)
In Lviv, psychological trauma experts of the United States will share their experiences with their Ukrainian colleagues (21.05.2014)
Vice-Rector of the Lviv Theological School met with the UWC Director of the Humanitarian Initiatives U. Suprun (7.05.2014)
New health care system involves the construction of civilized relations between doctors and patients (9.04.2014)

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