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Project: Patriot Defence

International Conference on "The Development, Standardization and Implementation of Tactical Medicine in Ukraine"  
Ukrainian House, Kyiv, 19-21 January  2015


The US Army continues to research soldier mortality rates in the field of battle and how to reduce them. They concluded that out of 90% of combat related deaths, 15% were preventable, given the right kind of training and the right equipment. From their research, they concluded that out of that 15%, 60% result from catastrophic blood loss, 30% from tension
pneumothorax and 10% from blocked airways. To increase a soldier's chances of surviving these kinds of injuries, the IFAK or Individual First Aid Kit (or Improved First Aid Kit) was developed. Combat Lifesaver training (CLS) provides soldiers with training to provide self care and buddy care to treat these three areas. Training and the IFAK can and have saved lives.

The director of humanitarian initiatives of the UWC, Dr. Ulana Suprun, launched the project Patriot Defence ( to train Ukrainian soldiers in military specific Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), CLS, and long range patrol medic courses, and is providing IFAKs to each soldier trained and combat backpacks to each long range patrol medic trained. Patriot Defence has developed and is purchasing the components of an IFAK based on the US military standard:  We provide a standardized IFAK to each soldier trained. Each IFAK costs approximately $100. You can read more about the IFAK on the site

NATO certified instructors and newly trained Ukrainian CLS and TCCC certified instructors teach the soldiers in combat first aid and military medics in pre-hospital care designed specifically for military personnel. All TCCC courses are not necessarily military oriented. Some are for law enforcement and civilian agencies. The courses are identical to the ones taught to NATO and US soldiers and have been enhanced to provide training for the realities on the ground.

The military requires specific combat-oriented training, and our professional instructors are former US, British and Czech military medics and doctors including Ukrainian doctors with years of actual combat experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, and other combat theatres.

A short film about our training program produced by #Babylon'13:

Patriot Defence training vignettes are available on-line at:

Regular updates about the program are available on the Patriot Defence Facebook page:

There are costs associated with professional equipment and trainers. The Organization for the Defence of Four Freedoms for Ukraine (ODFFU) is collecting the funds to purchase the components of the IFAK that are not available in Ukraine. Dnipro LLC is providing broker agent services at no cost. Air Ukraine International is transporting the items purchased in the US to Kyiv on their airplanes at no charge.


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We are providing professional, specialized training and equipment for the Ukrainian military, as one component of an overall program to modernize the Ukrainian armed forces. Please direct all inquiries and requests for trainings to to


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