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UWC Humanitarian Initiatives
Project Partner: Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF)
Organized medical assessment team mission with CUF representative Khrystia Waler.  A surgeon, ER doctor, Family Medicine doctor, and doctor from Ukraine who is a physiotherapist in Canada came to Ukraine for 12 days to assess the medical needs of those injured on Maidan.  The team traveled to Kyiv, Donetsk and Lviv.  Projects that are now resulting from the assessment:
  1. Providing prostheses for those who lost arms and legs during violence 
  2. Project Rainbow - a team of surgeons from Canada will come to Ukraine to perform hand microsurgery to rebuild the hands of those who lost fingers or parts of hands during the violence, and plastic surgeons will perform cranio-facial reconstruction and fix post-traumatic deformities
  3. Working with NGO in Ukraine E+ to create the only comprehensive database of all injured during Maidan violence
  4. Providing audio-visual equipment to Lviv trauma hospital for teleconferencing capability with Toronto surgeons
  5. Providing special medical equipment to treat decubitus ulcers in a rehabilitation center in Donetsk
In partnership with CUF, a ventilator was donated to the Donetsk Trauma Center.
In partnership with CUF, provided mobile brigades of first aid trainers and psychologists for troops stationed in the field to provide training and support.
Project Partner: United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC)
Open World Project with the US Congress - 3 groups of psychologists will travel to the US in August for [Post-Traumatic Cress Disorder] (PTSD) treatment training, and one group of priests for chaplaincy training.
A group of 5 world renowned experts in psychological first aid and PTSD treatment provided seminars and training for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, school psychologists and teachers, and will meet with UNICEF Ukraine to assist in their program aiding internally displaced children in Ukraine. They met with the Ministry of Health to develop a disaster psychological first aid program, and the National Emergency Service to provide training for first responders.
Project Partner: Caritas Ukraine
Three day intensive training program was held in Kyiv for psychologists in PTSD and psychological first aid.
Consultations have been held with UNICEF and Caritas on developing a program to aid internally displaced families in Ukraine.
Project Partner: Private donors
Through UUARC much needed medical supplies were provided to Red Cross mobile brigades.
Individual first aid kits are being provided to new recruits in the Army, National Guard, Battalion, as well as training in First Aid and psychological preparation of soldiers going into conflict areas.
The army, national guard, newly formed battalions were supplied with boots, helmets, sleeping bags, tents, cots.
A three-day day round table was organized in Vorokhta to develop rehabilitation centers for those injured on Maidan.
Cooperation with Ukrainian governing authorities and civil society
Sponsored a professional consultant, Dr. John Quinn, for the Ministry of Defense, to perform an assessment of the medical system of the Armed Forces and recommend the type of medical aid to request from NATO and international Aid organizations, including mobile field hospitals, medical equipment, trainers, and field medical kits for individual soldiers.
Attended numerous meetings and round tables with Minister of Health Oleh Musiy, Vice-Prime Minister Oleksandr Sich, Minister of Education Serhiy Kvit, Vice Minister of Ministry of Interior Mykola Velychkovych, Commander of the Ukrainian Military Academy of Medicine Valery Savytsky, Kyiv Head of Dept. of Health Vitaly Mokhoriev, Vice mayor of Lviv Oleh Bereziuk, Ukrainian Medical Club, Caritas Ukraine head Andriy Vaskovich, numerous NGO's, volunteer orgs and church representatives.
International Cooperation
Met with the following: Heads of Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs(OCHA) Ukraine, UNHCR Ukraine, International Red Cross Ukraine, World Health Organization in Ukraine, UNICEF in Ukraine; the OSCE deputy chief monitor, International Rescue Committee Senior policy advisor, USAID representatives, US Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer, Embassy of Canada Political/Economic Program Officer and Head of Development Cooperation, representative from Caritas Europe, representative from USA CDC, Ambassador of Israel to Ukraine, Ambassador of Finland to Ukraine.
Media Relations
Held press conferences in Kyiv and Lviv about numerous projects.
CUF, UUARC, Caritas, Psychological Service of Maidan, Medical Service of Maidan (Andriy Huk), NGO E+, Red Cross Ukraine, UNICEF, Ukrainian Charitable Fund Sobornist, numerous volunteer organizations.
Major project
Patriot Defense - have now trained over 2500 soldiers and handed out 2000 IFAKs. Currently working with the Ministry of Defense to add Combat Lifesaver as part of basic training for every soldier.

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