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Monumental Shevchenkiana


10 February 2014

“Monumental Shevchenkiana” project

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) International Committee for the Commemoration of the 200th Anniverary of the Birth of Taras Shevchenko calls upon Ukrainian community organizations in the diaspora to familiarize themselves with the exhibit Monumental Shevchenkiana that presents the most internationally unique collection of photographs of Taras Shevchenko memorials.

The creator of the exhibit, community activist and researcher Ruslan Telipskyi, personally researched, visited and photographed in Ukraine and 20 countries of the world close to 1,000 monuments, reliefs, busts, memorial plaques and commemorative markers honoring Taras Shevchenko.

This one-of-a-kind photo exhibit presents memorials created throughout time and around the world with artists’ renditions of the Great Ukrainian as an infant with his mother, a 14-year-old youth, an energetic young man and an elderly individual. He also appears in the images of his many faces – as a poet, thinker, philosopher, kobzar, artist, servant, shepherd, fighter against tyranny, rebel and soldier.

During the exhibit opening, the photographer introduces a collection of facts and interesting information about the memorials with a multimedia presentation titled: “Memorials honoring T.H. Shevchenko in Ukraine and around the world. Their role and significance in forming a positive image of Ukraine.”

Ruslan Telipskyi has presented the photo exhibit Monumental Shevchenkiana in Canada, Sweden, Belarus, Greece, Serbia and Latvia.

More information about the project is available in Ukrainian by viewing this video or visiting the UWC web site.

Ruslan Telipskyj contact information:

Email: і

Telephone: +380679834322 and +380992294100.


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