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Dutch-Ukrainian historical relationship

Serhiy Eremenko was sent to Holland as a prisoner of war, but escaped with the help of a colleague and taught music in the Dutch underground. After the war he became a well-known music teacher in Holland, played in a symphony orchestra, and conducted a string orchestra.


World War II: Dutch officers and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army

Unknown stories of rescue as documented by the Ukrainian Canadian Research and Documentation Centre

The (Dutch) Utrecht Byzantine Choir (Utrechts Byzantijns Koor, UBK) was founded in 1951. It sings both Slavic-Byzantine and Ukrainian folk music. The choir sings in the Ukrainian and old-church slavonic languages. The choir has close links with the Greek-catholics (in Ukraine). For decades, the choir strived to keep Ukrainian (liturgical and worldly) culture alive. It did so whilst the Greek-catholic Church fought to survive its suppressors. It continues to do so, joining in the happiness of the Greek-catholics' freedom today. The choir was founded by Ukrainian born and raised musicologist Myroslaw Antonowycz (+2006). At present, the Utrecht Byzantine Choir is directed by Grigori Sergei Sarolea. Grigori was born and raised in a Slavic-byzantine church community in The Hague.

Myroslaw Antonowycz, the founder and conductor (1951-91) of the Byzantine Choir, emigrated to Holland after the Second World War and became a lecturer at Utrecht University. He lived out his life in Holland, was honoured for his life’s work, and his musical archive including essays on church music reflects his interest in Ukrainian and Renaissance-era Franco-Flemish music. 

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