Support Ukraine

The Ukrainian people have clearly chosen a democratic path toward European and Euro-Atlantic integration while building a reformed, prosperous and economically viable state.

The UWC works with the Government of Ukraine, international governments and organizations, the Ukrainian diaspora and civil society to support Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations and democratic reforms. UWC works to develop and solidify Ukraine’s network of friends and supporters.

The UWC supports

  • The consistent development and implementation of all-encompassing reforms in Ukraine;

  • The continued establishment of democratic institutions and processes including the electoral process;

  • The protection of fundamental human rights for all Ukrainians;

  • The promotion of the economic potential of Ukraine and foreign investment opportunities;

  • Ensuring that the image of Ukraine internationally conveys a strong, democratic, reformed, vibrant, innovative and welcoming country prepared to be an equal global partner among independent nation states;

  • Patriarchal status and global recognition for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church of Ukraine;

  • International recognition of the Holodomor in Ukraine as genocide of the Ukrainian people.