Economic Prosperity and Investment Committee

Chair – Lenna Koszarny

Director – Natalia Nemyliwska

About the committee

The UWC Economic Prosperity and Investment Committee (EPIC) enables the capacities of diaspora Ukrainians as entrepreneurs, investors, policy advocates, partners and bridge-builders, to advance Ukraine’s economic growth and development. EPIC works to strengthen the position of diaspora Ukrainians as strategic agents of transformation and change for Ukraine.

Our Mission is to:

Engage    Promote     Inform      Connect


Contribute to increasing the volume of Ukrainian exports globally

Assist Ukraine in attracting foreign direct investment

Support the expansion of trade opportunities for Ukrainian companies worldwide

Cooperate with the Government of Ukraine regarding its appointment of members of the diaspora as Honorary Consuls of Ukraine, who would focus their efforts on trade and economic issues in their home countries

Promote the establishment of Ukraine-focused business associations and chambers of commerce

Seek out sources of technical assistance and export financing for Ukraine from countries in which the members of the UWC operate

Share expertise and knowledge in support of the transformation of Ukrainian state-owned enterprises by submitting their candidacies for CEO positions as they are announced

High-Visibility Events

  • Ukraine House, World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland
  • Ukraine Reform Conference, Toronto, Canada
  • “RE: think. Invest in Ukraine” Forum, Mariupol, Ukraine
  • Europe-Ukraine Forum, Rzeszow, Poland
  • Krynica Economic Forum, Krynica-Zdrój, Poland