International UWC Committee on Indigenous Ukrainian People

About the committee

The Commission was established to help the Ukrainian indigenous population in the European countries where Ukrainian natives live, with an emphasis on exchanging experience in overcoming present day challenges and obstacles and focusing on the protection and preservation of national, social and cultural interests of Ukrainian natives.

The issue of Ukrainian natives concerns such European countries as: Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Serbia.

This important issue entails the preservation of ethnic identity and the development of cultural and national traditions of the Ukrainian indigenous population as an integral part of national culture in their countries of residence.

We should also mention the purposeful de-Ukrainization and assimilation of Ukrainian natives, often associated with anti-Ukrainian policies in connection with the attitude of various governments to Ukrainian natives, with an emphasis on popularization of e.g. artificially created “Ruthenian” national minority and support the so-called “Political Rusynism”, which is hostile to Ukraine (applies mainly to Slovakia, partly also to Poland, Romania, Serbia).