Labour Migration Task Force

Chair – Pavlo Sadokha
Regional Vice President of Northern,
Southern and Western Europe

About the committee

Return, departure and social and legal protection of the Ukrainian labour migrants became some of the COVID-19 pandemic challenges due to travel restrictions and labour market changes. The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) established the Labour Migration Task Force in May 2020 in order to protect the interests of the Ukrainian labour migrants and represent their needs before the Ukrainian and foreign governments.

The Task Force addresses the following issues:

  • Protecting the rights of the Ukrainian labour migrants in the countries where they are located;
  • Influencing government policies on foreign labour migration in Ukraine;
  • Reintegration of labour migrants returning to Ukraine.

2020 Highlights:

  • May 2020: Task Force addressed Denys Shmyhal, Prime Minister of Ukraine, calling to timely and effectively inform about the changes of the rules of entry and departure from Ukraine, publish the updated information on relevant government online resources and inform the public.
  • May 2020: UWC Task Force representatives jointly with the International Charitable Foundation Caritas in Ukraine held working meetings with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and Government Office for Coordination of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration to discuss the current issues of foreign labour migration. The focus was on the issues of migration processes in Ukraine and key areas for collaboration. Specifically, the participants discussed involving a wide range of government officials, academic and civil society institutions, as well as experts to develop the government foreign labour migration strategy.
  • July 2020: UWC Task Force on labour migration addressed Serhiy Shkarlet, Acting Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, calling the Ministry to introduce remote knowledge assessment in distance learning for children of the Ukrainian labour migrants who are temporary or permanent residents abroad, as well as to set up and manage final knowledge assessments for extern students of the Ukrainian International School.