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Thanks to our dedicated volunteers we make a difference every day. Volunteers are vital to the work of the Ukrainian World Congress and our member organizations.

Jaroszlava Hartyanyi Vice-President European Congress of Ukrainians Hungary

Global Ukrainian community means cultural diplomacy, sort power, as we win the hearts of the nations where we live. We learned to sacrifice ourselves for our mission to promote the truth about Ukraine. No one can ever take away our desire to work for the benefit and prosperity of the Ukrainian nation.

Tetianka Karpova UWC volunteer, Canada

Being a newcomer in Canada, I have always been trying to keep in touch with the Ukrainian diaspora. As a UWC volunteer I got acquainted with a lot of Ukrainians who live not only in Canada but all over the world. To be a volunteer and help our country and Ukrainian diaspora is one of the key life principles for me.

Tetianka Karpova

UWC volunteer, Canada

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