Funds for Ukraine: ⁠UCCA urges voters to contact US Congress

January 12,2024 784
Funds for Ukraine: ⁠UCCA urges voters to contact US Congress

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA) urges American voters to call on the US Congress to allocate the necessary financial assistance to Ukraine. Andriy Futey, UWC Vice President and the UCCA President, has posted templates of letters that participants of the advocacy campaign can use.

This week, Congress returned to Washington, DC to continue its deliberations on important legislation matters including passage of the national security supplemental request, of which $61.4b is designated for Ukraine.  The importance of additional security assistance to Ukraine is self-evident and the lack of assistance from the United States will severely diminish Ukraine’s ability to defend its citizens, as well as to protect the world from russian aggression,” Futey wrote.

UCCA urges American voters to send letters to the US Congress. “Click to search for your state and your two senators; Click and enter your zip code to find your Representative; copy and paste the sample letter below into the contact form and press send,” Futey explained. Letter templates can be found at the link

As of now, the US Congress has not approved President Joe Biden’s request for additional funding to aid Ukraine due to resistance from some Republicans. On December 6, the bill providing assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan failed to pass procedural voting in the Senate. The lower chamber concluded its work in 2023 without approving the aid.

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