Date: November 22, 2017

Author(s):  Coffey Luke

Language: English

Work type: Report

Publisher/institution: Heritage Foundation


In the coming weeks, President Trump will decide whether to approve the sale of U.S. weapons, including advanced anti-tank weapons, to Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia illegally occupies Crimea. Russia provoked and now supports a separatist movement in eastern Ukraine. Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine is the victim. Every country has the right to self-defense. The people of Ukraine have shown a commitment to the transatlantic community, and the U.S. should provide advanced weapons and other tactical enablers, such as secure communications, to the Ukrainians. Doing so should not be viewed as a silver bullet in solving the crisis and ending Russian aggression. While the future success of Ukraine will rest in large part on the shoulders of Ukrainians themselves, U.S. leadership is essential for counteracting Russian aggression and supporting reform.