200 Days of Unbreakable

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September 11,2022 846
200 Days of Unbreakable

Dear Ukrainians and Friends of Ukraine,

For 200 days, the Ukrainian people have been bravely fighting for their independence and right to live in a free and democratic society. The world has witnessed 200 days of unbreakable courage, endless perseverance, and commitment to defend Ukraine from Russia’s imperialistic and genocidal ambitions.

Dear friends – druzi!  The bravery of the Ukrainian people coupled with real military and economic support from it allies has finally enabled them to turn the tide of Russia’s brutal military invasion and begin to free the Ukrainian people from Russia’s oppressive occupation.  By providing MAXIMUM military and economic support to Ukraine, together with increased sanctions and isolation of Russia – the people of Ukraine WILL prevail and help restore a rules based international order. 

As Ukraine’s brave defenders courageously sacrifice their lives every day to stop Russia’s invasion, please ask yourself each morning, what will I do today to help Ukraine be victorious. 

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to her heroes!

Paul Grod,

UWC President