200 organizations and activists sign UWC declaration for just peace

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June 17,2024 337
200 organizations and activists sign UWC declaration for just peace

Over 200 civil society organizations and political figures signed the Lucerne Declaration for a Comprehensive, Just, and Lasting Peace for Ukraine at the Ukraine Forum during the Peace Summit in Lucerne, Switzerland, on June 15. Organized by the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland in partnership with the UWC, the Declaration emphasizes joint efforts to achieve a just peace for Ukraine based on international law.

We, the undersigned, representatives of civil and political society, appalled by the horrors caused by the Russian Federation’s war of aggression against Ukraine: call on all actors to spare no effort in working towards a comprehensive, just and lasting peace for Ukraine; hold the deep conviction that peace must be based on international law, including the Charter of the United Nations; recall that all States are obliged to respect international law, including international human rights law (IHR) and international humanitarian law (IHL), at all times,” the declaration states.

The document contains 21 points addressing various critical issues, including the rebuilding of Ukraine, condemnation of Russian war crimes against peaceful Ukrainians, the release of prisoners of war, the return of deported Ukrainian children, the creation of an international compensation mechanism for Ukraine, and condemnation of Russia’s nuclear terror, among others. The full text is available at the link provided.

The Ukrainian World Congress President also addressed the rally initiated by the Ukrainian Society of Switzerland to draw attention to Ukrainians currently held captive in Russia and on temporarily occupied territories.

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