UWC commemorates The Day of Dignity and Freedom

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November 20,2021 247
UWC commemorates The Day of Dignity and Freedom

On November 21, the Ukrainian World Congress and the global Ukrainian diaspora join Ukraine in marking The Day of Dignity and Freedom. 

On this day, twice in Ukraine’s modern history, the nation stood up for its rights, democracy and pro-Western choice, and against Moscow’s attempts to re-establish dominance over Kyiv. In 2004 and in 2013, the events that began on November 21 made Ukrainian history, known as the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity, respectively. 

The Revolution of Dignity began as a clear expression of the Ukrainian people’s European choice. Unwilling to hear the voice of the people, the Yanukovych regime took drastic measures that resulted in the deaths of more than a hundred innocent men and women, whom we honour and remember today as the Nebesna Sotnia. Next, the Russian Federation occupied Crimea and invaded Eastern Ukraine in its bid to keep Ukraine in Moscow’s orbit at all costs.   

Ukrainian global leaders and the UWC stood side-by-side with the Ukrainian people on the Maidan, becoming the international voice for the free Ukrainian people. Ukrainians staged rallies in support of the Revolution of Dignity (called ‘Euromaidans) in cities across Europe, Canada, the United States, Australia, Asia, and Oceania. Today, the UWC continues the fight against the Kremlin and its bloody war and occupation of Crimea, with truth and information. 

“The Revolution of Dignity affirmed the Ukrainian people’s choice to live in a free, independent, strong, democratic and European country. The struggle for freedom continues today. These are the ideals, for which the Ukrainian soldiers continue to stand on the frontlines of the war in the Donbas”, said Paul Grod, UWC President. “We urge the international community to remember the sacrifices made by the Ukrainian people in the name of global peace and security, and to remain steadfast in its support of the Ukrainian people by increasing pressure on the Russian Federation”. 

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes! 


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