UWC thanks Meest for generous donation and pledge

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December 20,2021 297
UWC thanks Meest for generous donation and pledge

We truly thank MEEST Corporation and their President Rostislav Kisil for their generous Christmas donation, a $10,000 donation to support the work of the Ukrainian World Congress. The donation is part of a three-year donation program from MEEST of $60,000 for UWC initiatives, including UWC’s 55th anniversary and the XII UWC Congress in 2022.

On December 13, MEEST Canada General Manager Tamara Debattista and Financial Manager Pavlo Vynnyk presented a donation on behalf of MEEST Corporation to UWC Executive Director Mariia Kupriianova.

Ongoing financial assistance from the MEEST Corporation in the past and an understanding of the challenges the Ukrainian World Congress face is an important factor in strengthening our common voice in the international arena, supporting Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations, and developing new community-building programs.

MEEST Corporation has been providing quality and reliable services to the Ukrainian diaspora for over 30 years. During this time, they have grown into a powerful global leader in the supply of parcels, cargo, remittances, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine via their many compatriots and all those who care about the current needs of Ukrainians. MEEST Corporation is a real bridge between continents and consistently supports social, cultural, educational, and humanitarian projects in Ukraine and in the diaspora. Thank you MEEST!

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