Ukrainian World Congress New Year and Christmas Greetings

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December 24,2021 381
Ukrainian World Congress New Year and Christmas Greetings

Dear friends, 

On behalf of the Ukrainian World Congress, please accept my sincerest greetings for Christmas and the New Year.  

Christmas is a special time of unity and togetherness: with our families, our communities, and our Ukrainian people. “In unity is the strength of the people” and unity is what is required today to stand up to the growing Russian threat to Ukraine and the European continent. 

Our determination, our resilience, and our strong, united voice are urgently needed in Ukraine today. We appeal to the international community and world leaders to speak the truth about the Russian war against Ukraine and demand an end to Kremlin’s bloodshed. 

This Christmas, we offer our prayers for the brave defenders of Ukraine and for peace on Ukrainian soil. 

Thank you to the dedicated volunteers in Ukrainian organizations and communities, to our generous donors, and to all of Ukraine’s friends. 

Wherever we live, we are proud to be Ukrainian. 

Thus, on behalf of the Ukrainian World Congress and my family – Adriana, Roman, Danylo, Larysa, and Olena – I wish you peace, health, harmony, and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

 Christ is born!         Let us praise Him!  

Paul Grod 

President, Ukrainian World Congress