#StandWithUkraine – Statement by UWC President

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February 24,2022 172
#StandWithUkraine – Statement by UWC President

Dear friends,

Today the world is a tragically different place after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin unleashed war in the heart of Europe.  This criminal ongoing invasion and continuous bombing of Ukraine is an attack not just on Ukraine but on democracy and freedom in Europe and around the world.  It is about the right of a free sovereign and independent European people to choose their own future.  All corners of Ukraine are currently defending against this brutal attack from the North, the East and the South of Ukraine.  The people of Ukraine are resolute and are standing in defence of their families, their homes, and their national dignity. 

The UWC, which represents the interests of 20M Ukrainians living in over 65 countries around the world, calls on all allies to: 

  1. Immediately provide critical weapons and military equipment to Ukraine – anti-aircraft, anti-missile, and anti-tank equipment 
  2. Immediately enact full sanctions on Russia, including removal from the SWIFT financial system. 
  3. Ban Russia from all international organizations, including the UNSC, the Council of Europe, and OSCE, among others 
  4. Declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. 
  5. Ban Russian ships from Western ports 
  6. Provide immediate financial and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine 

Ukraine’s Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine are courageously fighting this Russian invasion. Ukrainians will resist and the world must stand with Ukraine against this Russian aggressor.  

The UWC urges all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine around the world to 

  • Immediately call and write to your respective governments and elected officials asking them to take concrete and punishing actions to stop Russia’s war and to support Ukraine
  • Host immediate public rallies in support of Ukraine
  • Share the truth about Russia’s war against Ukraine with the media in your country
  • Boycott all Russian goods and services

 Furthermore, the UWC calls upon all peoples who are subjugated by Putin and his enablers to stand up and overthrow his regime and imperialist ambitions, these include: 

  • the people of Russia – peace-loving Russians, Chechyns, and other ethnic minorities living within an oppressive Russian federation. 
  • the people of Belarus – stand up to your dictator Lukashenka and stop his war against Ukraine and his own Belaroosan people  
  • the people of Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan among others where there are Russian troops holding you hostage in frozen conflicts – stand up now! Together we can stop his imperial ambitions and restore peace and security in the region and around the world. 

Putin’s regime is destined to fail.  We all need to stand up now- together – against Putin’s tyrannical and delusional ambitions.  He is a war criminal, he is unstable and he is unwell.  Has turned Russia into a pariah of the world community.  This invasion of Ukraine is the beginning of Putin’s downfall.  He will be taken out both by a unified international coalition and internally by the sober Russian elites.   

To Russia’s oligarchs and Putin’s political allies – you are his enablers and you will be seriously punished unless you stop Putin now.  Do this before it goes too far.  Stop Putin now. 

Dear friends – please – Stand With Ukraine – together we will prevail. 

Slava Ukraini! 

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