UWC calls upon NATO to give Ukraine more defensive weapons now!

March 21,2022 398
UWC calls upon NATO to give Ukraine more defensive weapons now!

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls upon NATO to give Ukraine more defensive weapons now. In advance of the Extraordinary NATO Summit on March 24 in Brussels, the UWC calls upon the NATO leaders to support the courage and bravery of the Ukrainian people and act with resolve in immediately stepping up and meeting public commitments to properly arm Ukraine with defensive weapons.  

 Specifically, the UWC calls upon NATO member states to deliver to Ukraine: 

  • fighter jets and tank busting bombers 
  • anti-tank and air-defense systems  
  • military drones 

“The US must stop blocking the provision of military aircraft from Poland to Ukraine.  Germany and other allies must start the flow of military equipment now – without further delay,” said Paul Grod, President UWC, from London where he is meeting with UK officials. 

“Russian Armed Forces are committing terrible war crimes and genocide in Ukraine.  The Ukrainian people will not give up.  We call on Ukraine’s allies to immediately deliver the requested weapons the Ukrainians need to defend themselves,” Grod continued.  “We especially call upon all friends of Ukraine to help UWC outfit Ukraine’s citizen defenders with life-saving protective equipment. A full set of defensive equipment costs only USD $1500. Every person who wants to support Ukraine can donate to,” Grod stated. 

 “The future of European security is at stake.  As one senior UK parliamentary said in our meeting today ‘if Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, this current war will look like a skirmish relative to what we can expect in Europe,” Grod continued 

 “Ukraine needs sophisticated defensive weapons to stop and push back the Russian invasion.  NATO has the capability, now all it needs is the will.  We call on NATO leaders to demonstrate the will and fully arm Ukraine with the tools to defend themselves from this Russian genocide.  We call upon our communities in all NATO countries to immediately demand action from their governments in this decisive moment of history,” said Grod. 



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