EU sanctions not strong enough

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June 1,2022 380
EU sanctions not strong enough
Although The Ukrainian World Congress welcomes the decision of the EU member countries to introduce further measures in sanctioning Russia for its aggression against Ukraine and the whole democratic Europe, these steps are not enough to stop the brutal Putinist tyranny.
An agreement on a partial ban on Russian oil imports to the EU is an important and a long-awaited step to hold the aggressor state accountable for its crimes. It immediately covers more than 2/3 of such imports, cutting a huge source of financing for the Russian war machine. But it is not enough.
“The EU’s sixth package of sanctions is only about a 70% solution. But Ukraine needs 100% of Europe’s resolve because it is giving 100% in the fight, defending not only itself but the whole continent and the fundamental values of democracy and universal freedoms, which lay in the foundation of the EU and the West,” said Paul Grod, UWC President.
UWC calls for much tougher sanctions to be imposed on Russia. Russia’s war machine must be financially suffocated. A total land, air, and sea blockade – a complete embargo on any trade with Putin’s regime, including complete embargo on Russian fuel and energy – must be urgently imposed to stop the brutal war against Ukraine and Moscow’s genocide against the people of Ukraine.
Europe, support the defenders of Ukraine! Be brave like Ukraine and help Ukraine defend you!


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