“365 Days Strong in a 9-year war.” A Call to global communities!

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February 8,2023 773
“365 Days Strong in a 9-year war.” A Call to global communities!

February 24, 2023, will mark one year since the full-scale escalation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a war that has been ongoing for the last nine years. The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls on the global community to support Ukraine at this most difficult time by participating in rallies, marches, and demonstrations around the world. 

Rallies have already been announced on all continents; events are scheduled in 53 cities around the world, including 10 regions of Norway, 16 cities in Canada, the largest cities in Australia, and in all of the European capitals. If you are planning a rally for February 24, 2023 in your community, or if you plan on participating in a rally, please, submit your event announcement using the form provided below, and we will add your city to our world map of events:

Within the framework of UWC’s global campaign “365 Days Strong in a 9-year war”, we call on all Ukrainian and international civic organizations to send letters of appeal to the United Nations, asking it to use all its authority and resources to stop Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine.

If you represent a civic organization, we ask you to address your appeal to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. António Guterres; UWC has prepared letter templates which are available in Ukrainian at this link, and in English here.

If you are planning an event in your community, please take advantage of the following materials, suggestions and ideas, which the UWC has prepared in 15 languages:

All of us can contribute to the history being made in Ukraine today: the history of humanity’s triumph over the forces of evil. Support Ukraine and its people!


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