‘730 Days’ exhibition: Danish community intensifies attention on Ukraine

May 8,2024 158
‘730 Days’ exhibition: Danish community intensifies attention on Ukraine

The Ukrainian organization in Denmark, Lastivka, has organized an exhibition on the 730 days of the Russo-Ukrainian war and already presented it in three Danish cities – Aalborg, Copenhagen, and Aarhus.

The project was developed and presented on the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. As Vasyl Gedz, the Head of the Aarhus branch of the Lastivka Ukrainian organization in Denmark, explains, 10 Ukrainians from Aalborg led this initiative.

“Our volunteer ladies came up with the idea to showcase photographs that demonstrate everything that is happening in Ukraine right now,” Gedz said. The exhibition features photographs of real Ukrainian life in Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad during the full-scale invasion by the Russian army.

The project’s goal is to draw Danish society’s attention to Ukrainians’ fight against Russian invasion. “It is very important that they understand what it looks like, that we cannot afford to give up, that the war in Ukraine is not just Ukraine’s war, but the war of all of Europe,” added the head of the Aarhus branch of the Lastivka.

Gedz noted that attention to Ukraine in Denmark is unfortunately diminishing, so such initiatives are one of the instruments to bring back the focus. “There are many other problems in the world, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our task is to ensure that Ukraine, events in Ukraine, are on the front pages,” emphasized Gedz.

The exhibition will be displayed in Aarhus until May 31. The exhibition will travel to different cities in Denmark each following month until the end of the year. “Currently, we have limited resources, for example, in the media, as news from Denmark increasingly bypasses the topic of Ukraine. Such stands at the exhibition in English, located in public places, allow us to inform society,” said Gedz.

The Head of the Aarhus branch of the Lastivka called on Ukrainian communities worldwide to organize such projects to inform foreigners and unite for Ukraine’s victory.

Photos: Lastivka