83% of Ukrainians support joining NATO

October 4,2022 558
83% of Ukrainians support joining NATO

Eighty-three percent of Ukrainians would vote for joining NATO in a referendum – “the record high support in history,” according to the European Pravda, citing a survey conducted by sociological group Rating on October 1-2. “In a referendum, 83% would support joining NATO, 4% would vote against it, and 9% would not vote.”

For comparison, only 76% of Ukrainians supported joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization before the start of the full-blown Russian invasion of Ukraine.

According to European Pravda, there is a significant difference in the level of NATO accession support between Ukrainians in the country’s east and west. “Contrary to joining the EU, residents of Eastern Ukraine are more cautious about joining NATO (69% – for joining, 9% – against, 17% – would not come to vote). Despite this, compared to the previous survey, the dynamics of support for joining the Alliance among residents of this macro-region is very positive (in June, 55% were in favor, 20% were against, 22% would not vote).”

Collage: Novynarnia