A closed survey to be conducted among Russians as to a potential battle for Crimea

October 12,2022 431
A closed survey to be conducted among Russians as to a potential battle for Crimea

According to the National Resistance Center established by the Special Operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Russian government is getting ready to hold a secret vote on restoring Ukrainian rule over the seized Crimea.

The subject of “whether Russians are ready to fight with Ukraine in the case of losing control over Crimea” is one of the survey’s main topics, as the Center said, and Russian groups “got an urgent task” to undertake it.

“In Moscow, they are worried about the resistance of the local underground. According to preliminary data, the local population of Crimea is not satisfied with the declared mobilization and is not ready to fight,” the message said.

According to the Center, the Kremlin is using a survey to ascertain “the attitude of its citizenry to the defeat in the struggle for the peninsula.” Their information indicates that the study’s findings should be available by mid-October.

As a result of Ukraine’s active missile attacks and sabotage by Ukrainian special services against Russian military infrastructure in Crimea, the formation of an organized pro-Ukrainian resistance movement on the peninsula, Russia feels insecure about the possibility of holding the territory of Crimea in the medium and in the long term. Accordingly, the closed survey is conducted by the Kremlin in order to find out the mood of Russian society regarding Crimea and to understand whether Russians are really ready to defend the peninsula as part of Russia.

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