A New Year miracle in a Dnipro maternity hospital

January 2,2023 588
A New Year miracle in a Dnipro maternity hospital

One child was born on New Year’s Eve in Dnipro, an oblast capital of 1,000,000 population in eastern Ukraine, UNIAN reported. According to the city mayor, Borys Filatov, this is a miracle, because there has not been such a thing as only one child born on New Year’s Eve in the city for about a quarter of a century.

“Today, at 1:12 a.m., Danylo was born in the Dnipro maternity hospital. A healthy, strong giant, 57 cm,” said the mayor.

He said that Danylo’s parents, Olha and Mykola, escaped from the occupation of Mariupol.

“About the irresistibility of life and the real New Year’s miracle, which still has a place in our scary and crazy reality. Olha and Mykola lived in Mariupol. They had everything there – a home, friends, their own business. They raised a daughter and dreamed of a second child. Plans were made for the future. Until the “russian world” came there. Olha ran away from Russian missiles, knowing that a new life was already developing under her heart. Many long weeks passed before they got out of hell and reached Dnipro… The main dream of the family came true just in the Dnipro,” Filatov wrote.

On New Year’s Eve, despite the air alert declared throughout the country, which lasted until the morning in the central regions, dozens of babies who had been conceived during the full-scale war were born in Ukraine.

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