Photo of Andriy Futey

Andriy Futey Third Vice President


As President of Andrew J. Futey & Associates, Futey brings more than 25 years of extensive government and campaign experience. The firm provides public policy and government relations consulting, strategic planning, public affairs and campaign development strategies at the international, federal, state, and local levels. His clients have included both Ohio and out-of-state Fortune 500 Companies, international companies, major corporations, small businesses, community non-profit organizations, professional and state associations, and governmental entities. He also provides political campaign development strategies for numerous State & Federal candidates, most recently serving as a consultant to the Portman for US Senate effort. In addition, he has served as a consultant to a Presidential campaign and numerous candidates for Parliament in Ukraine. He has successfully represented his clients at all levels of government and has the respect of public officials in both parties. After eight years as a member of former Ohio Governor George V. Voinovich’s senior staff, he helped direct the successful 1998 Voinovich for Senate campaign. While in the Governor’s Office from June 1995 to June 1998, Futey served as Executive Assistant to the Governor. In this capacity, he served as a policy advisor to the Governor with direct oversight of several Cabinet level state departments. He was responsible for the implementation of gubernatorial policy and enactment of the legislative agenda for each of these state departments. He was also responsible for the management and oversight of the Governor’s offices of Minority Affairs, Multi-Cultural and Ethnic Affairs, and Veterans Affairs. In November 1998, Governor Voinovich appointed him as a member of the Ohio Lottery Commission. He was reappointed for another term by Governor Taft in 2001 and served as the Commission’s Vice-Chairman. In June 2002, the Government of Ukraine appointed him as Honorary Consul of Ukraine for the states of Ohio and Kentucky. In September 2016, he was elected President of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, the largest umbrella organization representing nearly 2 million Ukrainian Americans. In November 2018, he was elected Vice President of the Ukrainian World Congress. Futey is known in numerous Congressional Offices for representing his business clients but also as a strong advocate for the Ukrainian World Congress, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, and the current government in Ukraine. He frequently visits Capitol Hill and the US State Department with Members of the Ukrainian Parliament and other Ukrainian government officials. In September 2018, he was awarded a Medal of Merit and Service by President Poroshenko of Ukraine. PDF