Address by President Volodymyr Zelensky, Dec. 29, 2022

December 29,2022 556
Address by President Volodymyr Zelensky, Dec. 29, 2022

Every Russian missile only confirms that all this must end with a tribunal

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

First of all, I want to thank our Air Forces servicemen, Ukrainian air defense, which successfully repelled another Russian attack today.

54 missiles and 11 attack drones were shot down.

Our warriors all over Ukraine distinguished themselves, and I thank all our Air Commands: Center, South, East and West.

And especially we are grateful to the warriors of the 96th Kyiv, 160th Odesa, 208th Kherson anti-aircraft missile brigades, whose results are the best today.

Unfortunately, there were several hits. Our power engineers and repair crews are doing everything to make Ukrainians feel the consequences of the terrorists’ strike as little as possible. And I thank everyone who is working to restore energy supply.

As of this evening, there are power outages in most regions of Ukraine. It is especially difficult in Kyiv region and the capital, Lviv region, Odesa and the region, Kherson and the region, Vinnytsia region and Zakarpattia.

But this is nothing compared to what could have happened, if it was not for our heroic anti-aircraft troops and air defense.

With each such missile strike, Russia is only driving itself deeper into a dead end. They have fewer and fewer missiles. Instead, the status of the biggest terrorist in the world will have consequences for Russia and its citizens for a long time. And each missile only confirms that all this must end with a tribunal. And that is exactly what will happen.

And despite all the strikes, the state works every day. The Office, the Cabinet of Ministers – everyone is working.

In particular, today I had two large meetings, economic and defense. We are working to ensure that our defenders have more opportunities, more weapons, more drones.

The situation on the frontline remained without significant changes over the last day.

The most acute situation is in Bakhmut, Soledar, over the entire line in the Donetsk region. The enemy has not abandoned the insane idea to capture the Donetsk region… Now they set themselves a task – for the New Year.

I am grateful to all our guys who have been proving to the occupiers for months that it is us who  will set and achieve goals on our land.

I am grateful to everyone who defends the Ukrainian Donbas! To all who defend our Kharkiv region! To all who keep our south! Who protect our border…

And, by the way, I thank those border guards who, together with all the defense forces, are fighting the enemy at the front. I thank the warriors of Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi and Mukachevo border guard detachments.

Dear Ukrainians! 

There are two days left in this year. Perhaps, the enemy will try once again to make us celebrate the New Year in darkness. Perhaps, the occupiers are planning to make us suffer with the next strikes at our cities.

But no matter what they plan, we know one thing about ourselves: we will endure. For sure. We will drive them out. No doubts about that. And they will face punishment for this terrible war. The maximum punishment.

I thank everyone who defends our state! I thank everyone who fights for our independence!

Glory to Ukraine!

Source: President of Ukraine’s official website