Address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, April 29, 2023

April 29,2023 318
Address by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, April 29, 2023

Not enough that Russia is weak, it must be held accountable for everything it has done

Dear Ukrainians!

Search and rescue operations were completed in Uman only this afternoon. I want to thank the entire team of the State Emergency Service, the National Police, our doctors, Uman utility services, the military, our volunteers – everyone who took part in the rescue operation and helped the rescued people. I wish a speedy recovery to everyone who was injured by this blow and was traumatized.

We will do everything possible to make the terrorist state answer as soon as possible for what it has done. Anyone who prepares such missile attacks cannot but know that he will be an accomplice in the murder. Anyone, who guides and launches missiles, who handles planes and ships for terror. Not only those who give orders but all of you, you are all terrorists and murderers and you must all be punished. And definitely – those who committed the primordial crime, from which all others began – the crime of aggression against our people, against our state.

Six children lost their lives in this attack on Uman, a total of 23 people died… May their memory be bright! My condolences to all relatives and friends!

Next week will be quite important from the point of view of our struggle for justice for Ukrainians, that is, for punishment for the terrorist state and all its war criminals. We are preparing several important, potent steps to further consolidate partners and provide more energy to creating a tribunal for the crime of Russian aggression. And to speed up the defeat of the terrorist state.

It is not enough for Ukraine and the world that Russia is weak, as it is already happening. It must fully answer for everything it has done.

We are also preparing new sanctions decisions against individuals and companies involved in the terrorists’ defense industry and against foreign entities, which supplies help Russia extend this aggression. Our decisions will be made public soon.

Recently, I signed new decrees awarding our defenders, our heroes. Almost 450 more soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ground Forces, paratroopers, Air Force, territorial defense, and over 300 more – from the National Guard, our police, State Emergency Service, and our border guards.

In total, during the full-scale war, 45,038 Ukrainian men and women were awarded state awards. And it is evidence of the extraordinary daily heroism of our people. All those who fight for the sake of Ukraine, all those who work for our victory.

Glory to all who are in battle for our country, at combat posts! Glory to all who train our soldiers! Glory to everyone who treats and rehabilitates after injuries, who rebuilds life after Russian shelling and occupation. Who returns our people from Russian captivity. I thank everyone in the world who helps us! It is important now. We highly appreciate it.

Together, we are bringing the verdict for the evil state closer. We are nearing our victory. So be it!

Glory to Ukraine!

Source: President of Ukraine’s official website

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