Address on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Constitution of Ukraine

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June 28,2020 143

The Ukrainian World Congress President Paul Grod congratulated all Ukrainians on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine: “Today the people of Ukraine celebrate 24th anniversary of the adoption of the Fundamental Law of Ukraine – its Constitution.

Ukrainians have over 300 years of Constitutional tradition. Pylyp Orlyk’s Constitution of 1710 is among the first ones adopted in Europe. It has been drafted by a Ukrainian. “Ruska Pravda”, a compilation of ancient laws, has been drafted in XI century.

1996 Constitution became the first globally-recognized Constitution of the independent state of Ukraine. It defined Ukraine as a sovereign and independent, democratic, social and law-based state. The Fundamental Law of Ukraine is the legal and moral compass for the heads of state and for every conscientious citizen.

The Ukrainian World Congress consistently advocates for the fundamental values of the Constitution of Ukraine. Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Rule of law principle. Ukrainian language as the state language of Ukraine. European identity of the Ukrainian people and irreversibility of the European and Euro-Atlantic vector for Ukraine.

Protecting and affirming these immutable values is our common goal for the future generations of Ukrainians.

I congratulate all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine on the occasion of the Constitution Day of Ukraine!”

UWC President, Paul Grod