AFUO calls for Australian Government to move with US and increase military aid to Ukraine

December 22,2022 592
AFUO calls for Australian Government to move with US and increase military aid to Ukraine

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO) has welcomed the decision by the United States to provide billions more in military aid to Ukraine, including the provision of an advanced US air defence system, and called on the Australian Government to also consider  increasing its military aid to Ukraine.

Mr Stefan Romaniw OAM, AFUO Co-Chair said today “President Joe Biden’s announcement during the first international visit by President Zelenskyy since the Russian invasion, shows the US’ deepening commitment to Ukraine and a move to send more sophisticated weapons systems to the battlefield.

“We hope the Australian Government also considers increasing military aid to Ukraine. We are grateful for the Australian military aid already pledged. But I had recent meetings with Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister and other senior Government officials whilst I was in Ukraine last week.  They all repeated the same thing – Ukraine will win this war, but only if it receives more military aid, with speed.

“There is great concern about Iran’s supply of drones to Russia, which if continued, will be another challenge for Ukraine. Some of the military aid is also taking a long time to arrive in Ukraine.

“This is the time to lift support to a new level. Defeating Russia, and securing a meaningful peace in Ukraine, will restore and maintain an international rules-based order, which is of the utmost importance for Europe, the Asia-Pacific and the world.

“I know that Australians share the same values in this fight against aggression and tyranny. They know this invasion is illegal and unwarranted. They understand that the Ukrainian people have a democratic right to choose their leader and their government. And they agree that Australia must stand up for what’s right,” said Mr Romaniw.

Source: The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations – Союз Українських Організацій Австралії

Contact: Mr Stefan Romaniw 0419 531 255

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