Analyst Tom Cooper on military plans

June 9,2022 7442
Analyst Tom Cooper on military plans

Austrian military analyst Tom Cooper:

“The supply of HIMARS is what I have been insisting on since early March. These high-precision artillery systems have a range of at least 60 kilometers. The decision to provide these weapons, in my opinion, is two months late.”

“It will take at least a month to deliver HIMARS and build the necessary auxiliary infrastructure. Therefore, I would say, they will be in position by July. When they are in place and if there are enough of them, we’ll see the effect in a few days, if not sooner. ”

“At this stage, Kherson is more important in a symbolic, political sense. Since Russia’s attempt to reach Odesa and then Transnistria failed, Kherson has lost its strategic significance. I don’t want to say it explicitly, but let’s just say, I don’t see any signs that the Ukrainian army is now going straight to Kherson to liberate the city. They will do it differently.”

Read the Ukrainian-language interview to learn this military analysts’s opinion on whether the Russian army can take control of Severodonetsk, whether a large-scale counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson region is possible, how Ukraine should react to Belarus’ military exercises near its border, whether Russia’s threats to hit those Ukrainian targets that remain intact are real, and more.

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