Are the occupiers successful with Russian “passport-ization”?

July 7,2022 420
Are the occupiers successful with Russian “passport-ization”?

Stanislav Troshin, a former member of the Kherson city council and co-founder of the public organization Southern Development Strategy, told Radio Liberty’s News of Azov Region that the majority of residents of the Kherson region are resisting forced Russian citizenship. However, the Russian occupying forces continue to increase the pressure on the population.

According to Serhiy Khlan, adviser to the head of the OVA, it will take the Russian military and collaborators more than one month to “passportize” the residents of Kherson. “Even if we issue 200 passports a day without days off, that’s 6,000 people a month, 12,000 in two. But in terms of the entire population of the region, this is not much. And the Russians don’t have more time than 2 months,” Mr  Khlan wrote.

Mariupol journalist and editor-in-chief of the news portal “” Anna Romanenko told News of the Azov Region that Russian passports are not now  issued in Mariupol. According to Ms Romanenko, but that it is possible for Donetsk: “I know that no one has done this in Mariupol simply because it is very expensive for people to go to Donetsk  [city]. This process has not yet been launched, but little by little it is starting to be advertised in the city.”

Ms Romanenko said that newborn children in Mariupol are issued birth certificates for the illegally occupied Donetsk People’s Republic and that marriages are not yet registered in the city: “According to my information, there are now up to fifty children in the city born since February 24.”

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