Argentine Ukrainians send 7 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

February 21,2023 664
Argentine Ukrainians send 7 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Seven tons of humanitarian aid from the Ukrainian community have been shipped from Argentine to Ukraine within the framework of the Ukrainian World Congress’ Unite with Ukraine campaign.

According to Jorge Danylyszyn, the UWC Regional vice president and the president of Prosvita, a Ukrainian culture association in Argentine, it was the twelfth such shipment and the fourth as part of the UWC campaign.

The aid was collected and sent with the collaborative support of Ukrainian community organizations, individual Ukrainians and descendants of Ukrainians, friends of Ukraine and “those Argentines who have shown solidarity with the difficult moments that the homeland of our ancestors is experiencing as a result of the Russian invasion,” Danylyszyn said.

Like all earlier humanitarian aid cargoes for Ukraine, which total 14 tons, this one contains non-perishable foodstuffs; however, medicines from Monserrat and Eclair Laboratories SA were added this time. It was delivered to Poland’s capital Warsaw, from which it will be transported by land to Ukraine for distribution.

“Members of the Ukrainian Community had the opportunity to personally thank the Solidaire, an NGO led by filmmaker and philanthropist Enrique Piñeyro, for facilitating air transportation to Warsaw, the MRECIyC White Helmets Commission in the person of its Vice President Pablo Virasoro and Fabian Ballesteros for resolving the customs procedures for sending the aid and to the Embassy of Ukraine headed by Serhii Nebrat and his colleague Vitalii Udovik who coordinated the action,” reads the Facebook post by Danylyszyn.

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