Atlantic Council and Freedom House report Human Rights Abuses in Russian-Occupied Crimea now available in Ukrainian translation  

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August 12,2015 116

The report by the Atlantic Council of the United States and Freedom House from 6 March 2015 titled Human Rights Abuses in Russian-Occupied Crimea is now available in Ukrainian translation.

This report chronicles the alarming deterioration of human rights in Crimea since its illegal occupation by Russia, and the effectiveness of the Russian political narrative that masks the stark reality faced by the Crimean people.

The Ukrainian World Congress partners with the Atlantic Council in implementing the Ukraine in Europe Initiative that focuses on establishing a solid policy framework and a series of initiatives that aim to ensure the international community fully supports Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity (inclusive of Crimea) and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The report in Ukrainian is available at this link:

The report in English is available at this link: