Belarus threatens to attack Lithuania and Poland

March 27,2024 45563
Belarus threatens to attack Lithuania and Poland

Self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has threatened a possible attack on the Suwałki Gap – the territory that connects Poland with the Baltic States and separates the territory of the Kaliningrad Oblast from Belarus. The dictator discussed plans to seize parts of Lithuania and Poland with the commander of the Northwest Operational Command, Alexander Naumenko.

During the conversation, Lukashenko said that the Baltic States and Poland “constantly complain about this Suwałki Gap” and inquired about the width of the corridor, which is “just 42 kilometers in a straight line.” “It’s almost nothing. Yet, they behave this way. In such a case [possible attack on the Suwałki Gap – ed.], you [Naumenko] will have to confront the Baltic republics… And seize part of Poland,” Lukashenko said.

The commander of the Northwest Operational Command of Belarus stated, “all actions are planned, questions of combat readiness are being worked out, personnel are being prepared.”

Lukashenko asked the military commander whether Belarus could retain this territory “with its own troops,” to which he received an affirmative response.

“We are not just going to the areas of combat deployment and training areas; we are specifically going to real areas so that personnel, officers, know the locality, know the roads, know where, how, and what, so that they can make decisions on the ground and be ready for real actions,” Naumenko said.

Military analysts consider the Suwałki Gap to be the site of a potential strike by Russia in case of a possible Kremlin war against NATO countries.