British series “Lytvynenko” reminds the world that Putin is a murderer

January 4,2023 1013
British series “Lytvynenko” reminds the world that Putin is a murderer

The British 4-episode mini-series about Alexander Lytvynenko was released at the end of 2022 and has become very popular. Lytvynenko, a former Russian spy and critic of the Kremlin, died of radioactive polonium poisoning in London. Before dying, Lytvynenko blamed Putin for his death.

“The 4-episode mini-series talks about the investigation and trial conducted by British lawyers, the police, and special services for 7-8 years, and ended with a conclusion that is incredibly relevant right now: “Putin is a murderer!” – writes Yaroslav Pidgora-Gvyazdovskyi, a film critic, for UP Life.

The author of the British 4-episode mini-series is George Kay, and David Tennant plays the role of Lytvynenko. Filming began in London in October 2021; in the show, there are references to the downing of MH17 – the Malaysian Airlines Boeing.

Lucy Mengen from The Guardian responded with a critical review of the series. She even agreed that the show spells out the role of the Russian president as a murderer clearly and unambiguously. “By far the best written and most involving moment is the verbatim reading of Litvinenko’s statement, read posthumously by his friend to the waiting press, professing his thanks to the police and the doctors, his love for his family and making a final strike against Putin “May God forgive you for what you have done to me and Russia,” says Ms. Mengen.

The mini-series is available on such streaming platforms as,, and others.

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