BUCHA to debut in US: where to watch

January 17,2024 1965
BUCHA to debut in US: where to watch

Premiere screenings for the BUCHA documentary film have commenced in the United States, offering a dramatic narrative that challenges the dissemination of propaganda from the Russian government. The film exposes the grim reality of the harrowing events in Ukraine during the initial stages of the full-scale invasion, focusing on the cities of Bucha, Vorzel, and Hostomel.

The film tells about the rescue of local residents by Konstantin Gudauskas, a citizen of Kazakhstan who received asylum in Ukraine and lived in Bucha. When the Russian invasion began, he was allowed to cross into the territory occupied by Russian troops because of his Kazakh passport. Once there, he was able to extract Ukrainian civilians out of the occupied territory into safety. Konstantin not only saved people, but also became an eyewitness to all the horrors of war and occupation,” the film authors write.

On January 17, the film will be screened at the Regent Theatre in Boston, followed by showings on January 19 at the Cambridge Club House in New Jersey, January 20 at Living Streams Church in Philadelphia, January 21 at Hawthorne Movie Theatre in New Jersey, January 22 at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York, and January 23 at Alpine Cinema in New York. The tour continues with screenings on January 25 at Salt Lake City Public Cinema in Salt Lake City and January 27 at UCLA in Los Angeles. It concludes on January 31 at Columbia University in New York. Find the details on the website.

As part of the events, meetings with the creative team will be held, including Oleksandr Shchur, the producer and screenwriter of the film, and Stanislav Tiunov, the film’s director. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion on countering Russian propaganda,” the film authors add.

Last year, BUCHA gained prominence on major international film platforms, showcased at renowned events such as the 80th Anniversary International Film Festival in Venice, La Biennale di Venezia, and the Toronto International Film Festival.

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