Call to action: Defend Ukrainian skies – save Ukrainian children!

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May 29,2024 442
Call to action: Defend Ukrainian skies – save Ukrainian children!

The Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) urgently appeals to the governments of democratic nations worldwide to provide air defense and missile defense systems to Ukraine. These systems are crucial for safeguarding civilian populations, particularly children, from Russian daily deadly missile strikes, thereby protecting their lives and health.

Ukraine’s allies have sufficient air and missile defense resources that could be deployed to permanently or temporarily shield Ukrainian cities and energy infrastructures. Ukraine urgently needs these systems now! The cost of each delay is measured in the lives of Ukrainian civilians,” said UWC President Paul Grod.

Ahead of the International Day for the Protection of Children, UWC also calls on Ukrainian communities worldwide to take to the streets and advocate to their governments for the urgent provision of air defense systems to Ukraine, to close Ukrainian skies against Russian missile strikes.

According to official UN data, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, approximately 600 children have been killed and 1350 have been injured due to Russian attacks.

Daily missile attacks by Russia on peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages is destroying civilian infrastructure critical to children. In just the first three months of 2024, over a thousand houses, 36 medical facilities, and 140 educational institutions have been damaged or destroyed.

We cannot remain indifferent and passively observe these horrific crimes. 

We call upon our communities and friends around the world to demand that their governments intensify military support for Ukraine and that Ukraine’s allies honor their previous commitments and deliver the agreed-upon weapons and defensive equipment!” added Grod.

UWC calls on Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine:

  • Send letters of appeal to your governments, urging them to provide air defense systems to Ukraine swiftly. Your appeal can prompt quicker and more effective action from governments. A template letter is available at the provided link.
  • Organize actions, flash mobs, rallies, and other events in your city to raise awareness about Russia’s egregious crimes against children and civilians. Inform the media and the public about these atrocities.
  • Utilize social media to spread information about the campaign. Use the hashtags #ProtectSkySaveChildren and #DefendChildrenUA to raise awareness about our fight for the safety and right to life of Ukrainian children.

Your actions can save hundreds of lives and secure a peaceful future for Ukrainian children.

Don’t stand aside – protect the Ukrainian sky, save Ukrainian children!

Support Ukraine’s defenders: UniteWithUkraine 

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