Call to action! #Stand With Ukraine – Unity Day on Feb 16

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February 15,2022 275
Call to action! #Stand With Ukraine – Unity Day on Feb 16

On Unity Day, February 16, as announced by the President of Ukraine, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) calls on all Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine worldwide to stand united as part of the global solidarity campaign 

Today, the Russian Federation is threatening further invasion of sovereign Ukrainian territory in an attempt to annihilate Ukraine’s freedom, sovereignty, and independence. Russia is attempting to undermine the established international rules-based order. 

Today, like never before, Ukraine needs our unity, togetherness, and support. 

There are times in the history of every country when consolidation of the whole nation is key to its very existence. It is time for Ukrainians to show the world the power of our unity. 

Every one of us can take action to support Ukraine, no matter where we live: 

  • On February 16, raise the Ukrainian flag at your office, at home, or on your car; 
  • Write an op-ed and share your #StandWithUkraine photos with local media; 
  • Share your #StandWithUkraine photos on social media; 
  • Write a letter to your elected official calling to support Ukraine now; 
  • Encourage your children to speak about Russia’s war against Ukraine at school. 

At this critical time, we must #StandWithUkraine as a global 65-million strong Ukrainian nation! 

We also urge Ukrainian communities, partners, and friends of Ukraine to consolidate the international coalition of support for Ukraine by:  

  • advocating to governments, elected officials, and civil society partners for support to Ukraine  
  • hosting ongoing, rolling public rallies and virtual events to raise awareness of Russian aggression  
  • engaging with the media to share truthful information and counter Russian disinformation.  

UWC official position here 

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