“Campaigned for Wagner”: Poland detains Russians for espionage

August 15,2023 660
“Campaigned for Wagner”: Poland detains Russians for espionage

Poland detained two Russians on suspicion of espionage and activities for the Wagner terrorist organization, the country’s Internal Security Agency reported.

“ABW [Internal Security Agency] and the police identified and detained two Russians who were distributing propaganda materials of the Wagner Group in Kraków and Warsaw,” Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of the Interior and Administration of Poland, said.

Both Russians were taken into custody and charged with espionage. In addition, at the beginning of August, Poland detained a Belarusian who was engaged in intelligence activities for Russia. The Internal Security Agency eliminated an entire network of Russian spies in March.

Earlier, the National Resistance Center, citing the resistance among the military of Belarus, reported that the Russian terrorist organization Wagner is looking for Belarusians ready to fight against Lithuania and Poland.