Canada prohibits scientists from collaborating with Russian institutions

January 18,2024 681
Canada prohibits scientists from collaborating with Russian institutions

Canada has prohibited its universities from collaborating with scientific centers in Russia, Iran, and China. The country’s government has published a corresponding document. Educational institutions and individual researchers who ignore the restrictions will lose state funding.

Over 100 organizations have been included in the list of research institutions prohibited from collaboration. Among them are six Russian entities: the 46th TSNII Central Scientific Research Institute; A.A. Kharkevich Institute for Information Transmission Problems, IITP, Russian Academy of Sciences; the Autonomous Noncommercial Organization Professional Association of Designers of Data Processing Systems; the 33rd Scientific Research and Testing Institute; the 27th Scientific Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense; and the 48th Central Scientific Research Institute.

According to the Canadian government, these six centers are considered a threat to Canada’s national security. Canadian scientists working in ‘sensitive’ research areas, including modern weaponry, quantum, aerospace, satellite, medical technologies, robotics, and others, are prohibited from collaborating with Russian organizations.

The new restrictions will take effect in the spring, but they may be applied immediately in certain cases.

Starting in October, Canadian federal government employees are forbidden from using Russian antivirus software Kaspersky and the Chinese application WeChat on their work mobile devices.

Photo: open sources

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