Canada releases unique coin shaped like Ukrainian pysanka

March 21,2024 404
Canada releases unique coin shaped like Ukrainian pysanka

The Royal Canadian Mint has created a silver coin shaped like a Ukrainian pysanka (Easter egg). The designer behind it is the Ukrainian-origin artist Tanya Mykytiuk, who has been painting Easter eggs for over 40 years.

Mixing contemporary colours with traditional symbols celebrating the relationship between the earth and sun, this pysanka reflects the evolution of a cherished artform – one that remains rooted in tradition yet offers endless creative possibilities,” the message reads.

The artist’s vibrant patterns embellish the coin’s reverse side, showcasing conventional designs infused with contemporary hues. Diamonds symbolize wisdom and the world’s four corners, and a grid design is used to depict the distinction between good and evil. The design also incorporates an eight-pointed star, a timeless symbol representing the sun and the rebirth of spring. The obverse side features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

This pysanka coin design was inspired by the recent wave of Ukrainians who arrived in Canada seeking refuge and new beginnings, just as my own grandparents did after the Second World War. My goal was to create a design that radiated hope, faith and resilience, by drawing on ancient pysanka symbols but with a contemporary aesthetic. For colour, I drew inspiration from nature: barvinok (periwinkle) is an evergreen vine with bright green leaves and purple flowers, often the first to appear in spring,” the author explained.

The coin is minted in silver with a face value of 20 Canadian dollars. The total mintage of 8,500 pieces sold out quickly. The Royal Canadian Mint has been issuing commemorative pysanka-shaped coins since 2016. They have gained immense popularity and sell out rapidly.