Celebrating Ukraine’s 32nd Independence Day: Unite With Ukraine

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August 23,2023 621
Celebrating Ukraine’s 32nd Independence Day: Unite With Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine!

As the Ukrainian state celebrates the 32nd anniversary of the renewal of its Independence, the people of Ukraine are courageously defending their families and fellow countrymen against Russia’s genocidal war.  Today the brave defenders of Ukraine are demonstrating to the entire world their dignity, bravery and iron will.

Independence is our choice.  The Ukrainian people will not live under the yoke of Russia’s tyranny and imperialism.  We have chosen to live free and today are defending the entire world against Russia’s aggression.

In honour of Ukraine’s Independence Day please help support the Defenders of Ukraine by donating to the Ukrainian World Congress’ initiative – Unite With Ukraine. You can learn more and donate at Your donation will help provide defensive and life saving equipment, to the Heroes of Ukraine.

Happy Independence Day!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to her heroes!

Paul Grod,

President, Ukrainian World Congress