Century later: youth revives World Congress of Ukrainian Students

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September 25,2023 932
Century later: youth revives World Congress of Ukrainian Students

The World Congress of Ukrainian Students is resuming its work after an almost 30-year hiatus. The first meeting of representatives of the movement took place on September 23.

“Youth from different countries of the world gathered together to revive a powerful international student organization – the World Congress of Ukrainian Students (WCUS),” the organization reported.

Students of Ukrainian origin will join forces to fight against Russian disinformation, popularize the Ukrainian world, as well as cooperate with world higher education institutions and strengthen the voice of Ukraine in the most popular universities in the world.

At the first Constituent Assembly, the world student body elected the leader of the revived organization. Roman Grod (Canada) became the President of the organization. Dania Pankiv (Canada) was appointed as the First Vice President. The Second Vice President is Anastasiia Sihnayevska (Czech Republic).

“The World Congress of Ukrainian Students has a long history. In 1922, it was created to unite Ukrainian students around the world. We believe that today, on the hundredth anniversary of the creation of the organization, it is symbolic and important to revive TseSUS again, to unite students around the idea. Our voice is a very important support for Ukraine, especially in such a difficult time,” said Roman Grod.

Teona Kakhiani (Georgia) will become the secretary of the WCUS. The Committee for Combating Disinformation will be headed by Hermann Schmidt (Germany), the Committee for Raising Awareness and Popularization of Ukraine –  Sofiia Danylyshyn (Argentina), and the Committee for Cooperation with Higher Education Institutions – Rina Shabanov (France).

The World Congress of Ukrainian Students was founded in 1922 in Prague, former Czechoslovakia, and became the representative of Ukrainian students abroad. In 1994, it effectively ceased to exist.

The Ukrainian World Congress welcomes the WCUS revival. We wish the young Ukrainian leaders success in work to benefit Ukraine and its Victory in the battle with the evil Russian empire. 

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