Change of warfare: Ukraine certifies 10 robotic systems for combat

June 3,2024 198
Change of warfare: Ukraine certifies 10 robotic systems for combat

Since the start of 2024, Ukraine has implemented and certified 10 ground robotic systems for frontline use. These robotic platforms can carry weapons, allowing Ukrainian forces to engage the enemy while remaining undercover and out of harm’s way.

Additionally, these systems are versatile in their capabilities. They can evacuate wounded fighters from battlefields, deliver ammunition and other supplies to combat positions under fire, and either lay mine barriers or clear mines as directed by a sapper operator.

“Minimizing direct contact with the enemy and ensuring the safety of military personnel are the tasks of modern high-tech warfighting tools. The first in this lineup are drones, which are now widely used by our soldiers in carrying out combat missions of various types: from targeting important enemy objects, equipment, and personnel, to conducting aerial reconnaissance and adjusting the fire of our artillery,” Ukraine’s Defense Ministry writes.

The next stage in enhancing the combat capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine units is implementing ground mobile and stationary robotic platforms that can be controlled both by operators and through artificial intelligence.

“A number of domestic manufacturers are working on creating new models and types of robotic systems aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” the Ministry said.

Cover: Defense Ministry

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