China increases military machinery supply to Russia tenfold

January 4,2024 1163
China increases military machinery supply to Russia tenfold

The Financial Times reports that China has increased its supply of high-precision machinery to Russia by tenfold since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. 

In July 2023, Chinese manufacturers delivered machinery worth $68 million to Russia, a significant surge from the $6.5 million in February 2022, according to Russian customs data. In July 2023, Chinese machinery accounted for 57% of Russia’s total imports, up from 12% before the conflict. 

Chinese suppliers now dominate trade in ‘computer numerical control’ devices vital to Moscow’s military industries,” the FT states. 

Michael Raska, assistant professor at Singapore’s S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, highlights the shared political interests between Russia and China.

China and Russia share the same political interest, which is to challenge and confront the US,” Raska said and noted that Russia has no other choice but to rely on China, especially since it is cut off from European technology imports. 

Meanwhile, the United States hesitates to impose financial sanctions on Chinese companies aiding Russia, fearing it could strain relations with Beijing. China also denies supplying lethal weapons to Russia. 

The FT emphasizes the uncertainty surrounding how Russia utilizes Chinese machinery. Despite this, trade between China and Russia, including oil, equipment, consumer goods, and automobiles, helps sustain the Russian economy amidst sanctions, according to the FT.

Cover: Andrey Armyagov /Alamy

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