China threatens Ukraine: what happened

February 2,2024 875
China threatens Ukraine: what happened

China is threatening Ukraine for including Chinese companies in the war sponsors list, as Reuters reports, citing its own sources. Due to Kyiv’s decision, the Chinese Ambassador warned of negative consequences for bilateral relations between the countries.

“China firmly opposes the inclusion of Chinese enterprises in the relevant list and demands that Ukraine immediately correct its mistakes and eliminate negative impacts,” a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson told Reuters. It did not specify what those impacts may be.

According to a source, Beijing did not set any conditions or temporary frameworks for Kyiv but simply expressed its viewpoint regarding the list. Another interlocutor of the publication suggested that China may link this issue to Chinese grain purchases, as last year, the country became one of the largest importers of Ukrainian grain.

Earlier, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine included 14 Chinese companies on the list of international war sponsors. Currently, China has the highest number of companies on the list. Among others, Alibaba Group, Xiaomi Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and China Railway Construction Corporation are included in the list.

Beijing has close ties with Moscow and has refrained from criticising Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but it has also said the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected. It has offered to help mediate in the war,” Reuters writes. 

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