Close dialogue with Hungary is important for Ukraine – Katarína Mathernová

November 17,2023 710
Close dialogue with Hungary is important for Ukraine – Katarína Mathernová

It is important for Ukraine to have a close dialogue with Hungary because the enlargement of the European Union depends on the unity of decisions of member countries, said Katarína Mathernová, the Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine, in an interview with Suspilne.

“The European Union is a structure that has specific areas operating on the basis of consensus. EU enlargement is one of them. Each country can have its own point of view. Therefore, it is important to take seriously the concerns expressed by any EU member. Having a close dialogue with Hungary is important because EU enlargement depends on unanimity,” Mathernová said.

The ambassador also does not see significant risks for Ukraine’s European integration after Hungary takes over the EU presidency in July. “The country holding the presidency contributes to reaching agreements on specific issues in various formations, councils, and working groups. Therefore, I don’t think any presidency can influence decisions in one direction or another. It’s not that role,” Mathernová explained.

Membership in the European Union, as the destination Ukraine aspires to reach, will be an important anchor for Ukraine in the future, said the ambassador. “Let me quote Ursula von der Leyen: geopolitical events show that size and weight matter. At a time when Russian aggression undermines the norms of international law, the European continent needs to stick together, and Ukraine – a large, resilient country with a well-educated population, rich in natural resources, with energy potential, and the best army Europe can dream of. So, this combination of factors indicates that the EU and Ukraine need each other,” Mathernová stated.

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