Congratulations on the 130th anniversary of Ukrainian settlement in Canada

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September 7,2021 210
Congratulations on the 130th anniversary of Ukrainian settlement in Canada

Dear Ukrainian Canadians!

On behalf of the Ukrainian World Congress, it is my great pleasure to congratulate the large and influential Ukrainian community of Canada on the 130th anniversary of the first settlement in Canada and wish you strength, inspiration and good health to carry out all your plans.

Thank you to each of you who works diligently to build Ukrainian public life in Canada and support our ancestral homeland of Ukraine.

Words of our special gratitude to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress UCC National – Ukrainian Canadian Congress, which unites all Ukrainian Canadian communities and is a key member of the Ukrainian World Congress. We appreciate your work as part of our large global family, which today unites 20M Ukrainians in 65 countries. My special thanks go to the leadership of the Congress and especially to President Alexandra Chyczij, who is also the UWC Vice President.

Your anniversary coincides with the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Ukraine’s Independence. As history shows, regardless of time and place, Ukraine’s independence has always been its priority and the basis that has united generations of Ukrainians around the world.

Today, your community is part of one global voice of Ukrainians around the world led by UWC. And our main common task is to support Ukraine as its best sons and daughters have been defending for years and the escalation of Russia’s military actions is intensifying.

We continue to rely on your support in promoting Ukrainian interests at the international level, because only together can we be influential and effective.

Glory to the Ukrainian Canadian community! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to its heroes!


Ukrainian Heritage Day – The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) official website

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