Costa Rica joins the Crimea Platform

January 30,2023 845
Costa Rica joins the Crimea Platform

Costa Rica has joined the coalition of over 60 countries that participate in the Crimea Platform, the first deputy foreign minister of Ukraine, Emine Dzheppar, announced in a Facebook post.

“The Crimea Platform’s extension to the countries of the Global South is confirmation that the Crimea de-occupation issue is a priority for the whole world. Today, the issue of the liberation of Crimea is not only our national interest, but an interest of every state that shares the principles of the UN Charter,” she wrote in the post.

She noted that the Platform, which has brought Crimea back on the international agenda, is currently functioning in all its dimensions, including governmental, parliamentary and expert.

“In 2023, we plan to expand the activities of the Crimean Platform further. It has potential and is already becoming a platform for de-occupation not only of Crimea but also of all our other territories [temporarily occupied by Russia],” Dzheppar said.

The Crimea Platform was officially established on Aug. 23, 2021, at the constituent summit in Kyiv on the initiative of the Ukrainian president. It is an international consultation and coordination format set up to improve the effectiveness of the international response to the ongoing occupation of Crimea, respond to growing security threats, increase international pressure on the Kremlin, prevent further rights violations and protect victims of the occupation regime, as well as achieve the primary goal of Crimea’s de-occupation and return to Ukraine, according to the Platform’s website.

In October 2022 a delegation of the Ukrainian World Congress led by UWC President Paul Grod participated in the First Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform in Zagreb, Croatia.

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